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Eric's Story

Eric Sparks isn't just your “ordinary” musician. He is a cultural enthusiast, & a lover of all things music. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he always had a fascination with musical instruments; grabbing anything he could get his hands on. By middle school, he and his family had relocated to London, Kentucky. There, he was already playing trumpet & other brass instruments in the marching band & various school concerts. In 1992, he began stealing his brother's guitar, to learn how to play. His parents quickly noticed his passion for guitar, & purchased him his first one on Christmas of 1993.


His passion for metal music grew rapidly. He began sneaking into bars, only to perform, well before he was legally of age to be in there. He networked with other musicians as often as he could, & his talent grew at a phenomenal rate. He quickly became featured on shows with numerous “national” acts such as Trivium, Devil Driver, & Norma Jean. However, even though metal has always been his true passion, a true musician has a wide variety of influences. He credits his knowledge & love for music from Metallica to Alabama, DMX to Stevie Ray Vaughn, & Johann Sebastian Bach to the worldly styles of Egypt.


Now living in Louisville, Kentucky, Eric Sparks has been a performer, song writer, & composer for over 25 years. His network of like-minded individuals, & incredible desire to succeed, have proven well for him. Eric's love for the motto “plan ahead”, has frequently kept him one step ahead of the curve. No task is too challenging for this musician, & he is never afraid to step out of his comfort zone. With his enormous drive, the support of his loving family, & his constant willingness to continue growing – it's no wonder why Eric Sparks is one of the most diverse musicians in the area.