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Eric's Story


Eric Sparks is a multi-talented guitarist out of Kentucky whose music has gained traction across the nation. Having started playing guitar in the early 90s, he decided to strike out solo after the dissolution of his band Gravemouth. He now has become the go to guitarist for the Triple 3 Music Group, performed the national anthem at a sold out Kentucky Derby boxing event, appeared on television and even had his music played on Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest’s Rocking New Years Eve Ball. Defined by his success, Eric Sparks is looking to share his music with the world. 


Having been initially influenced by Morbid Angel, Dream Theater and of course Metallica, Sparks has since established himself as an extremely reliable session guitarist and hired gun who can do much more than just heavy metal. He is constantly pursuing commercial work, licensing and session placements. This has had him gradually making a name for himself as an all around available guitarist that really wants to say yes to everything he is offered. Decades of DIY and hard fought discipline have come together to position Eric Sparks as one of his states leading guitarists, a devout musician who wants to spread his passion to the world. 


Despite years of practicing guitar, Eric Sparks has only recently started practicing his marketing skills. This has given his career as a musician new life and allowed him to leap from peak to peak as an artist. A Kentucky boy through and through, Eric Sparks is seeking to keep pushing his career, embracing new opportunities and constantly looking towards the future. From national television to dingy dives, Eric Sparks has seen it all and his life experience has profoundly shaped his playing, making for a unique performer. 

Matt Bacon 

Dropout Media

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